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People Who Survived The Impossible

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People who cheated death and survived.
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Ideally, we should all live and quiet and comfortable life that concludes with dying at home, peacefully in our sleep. However, life isn’t that simple anymore, and there is a lot outside our door that can kill us. From car accidents to illnesses, there is a lot riding on our survival and death. Should a major accident happen, our chances of survival can vary. With certain kinds of injuries however, sometimes it’s a near guarantee that we won’t survive, such as extreme blood loos, being cut in half, amongst other gruesome injuries.
But it might a comfort to know that just because the odds are against you, even if there’s a 99% chance that you won’t survive, you still have that 1% chance rooting for you. The people in this video have managed to defy all odds and survived the impossible. The scenarios these people were in had a 100% chance of death, but still managed to defy even those odds. Take Lyndi Harding for example, she was skydiving when her parachute got tangled up in the reserve. This didn’t happen until after she made her jump from 8,500 feet. After 40 seconds and traveling back to land at 70 miles per hour, Lyndi managed to survive her fall. Granted, she wasn’t able to walk away, and she had some pretty significant injuries. But she survived the impossible and can live to tell the tale.
Then we have television star, Paul Rosalie, who was advertised to try to survive being eaten by an anaconda. The idea behind the stunt was that Rosalie was going to wear a special suit that would help him survive the anaconda’s teeth and digestion process. However, the stunt was put to a halt when the snake started wrapping itself around Rosalie and he could feel his arm starting to break. Luckily, the television crew was able to free him, but he was very lucky to be alive, let alone walk away from the incident.
If you have seen the movie, “127 Hours” starring James Franco, then you probably know that it is based on the true story of Aron Ralston, who got into a canyoneering accident and managed to get his arm stuck between a wall of rock and an 800-pound boulder. After his rations depleted in 5 days, Ralston was forced to cut his own arm off and climbed his way out of the canyon before some hikers found his and rescued him. His survival skills and desperation to live was what ultimately saved him from a painful death.
Speaking of survival skills, Ken Henderson was on a fishing trip with his best friend, Ed Coen, when unexpectedly, their boat began to sink. There was no time to call for help, and in an instant, the two men were in the ice cold waters of the Gulf of Mexico and were stranded for 30 hours. Henderson ended up swimming 50 miles to a nearby oil rig, where he was able to call his wife. Coen did not survive, and his body was found soon after.
There are more survival stories where this came from. Be sure to watch the rest of the video for more.

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